Family Photography Outdoors | Chapel Hill

Family Photography Outdoors | Chapel Hill

Outdoor Family Photography With Pets - Chapel Hill

I love photographing families especially outdoors at home, and what family is complete without the furry family members? Including pets can be a challenge, but so worth the extra effort as they are sometimes our children's best buddies as they grow up. It may mean planning for a little extra time and effort , but the images will likely be some of your favorites ever made.

Another advantage to having photographs made at home is the convenience factor for the family. Juggling everyone's schedules can be a problem when trying to schedule a family photo, so why not try a photography session at home? It makes perfect sense and I do enjoy the challenge of finding the perfect spot for each member of the family, small combinations and the complete group.

I don't mind travelling to my clients homes to photograph them, I know that down the road it will make the memory of the experience more meaningful as they recall the familiar surroundings they were photographed in.

There's no doubt that it takes a lot of planning to make family photography happen but it is so worth the effort! Memories are made and saved through photographs. - schedule yours today.

Location: Chapel Hill, NC.

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