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First Year Milestones

First Year Milestones

Newborn: The first weeks are fleeting and go by in a blur! It's best to schedule in advance of your due date to make sure you don't miss it. I love capturing the fuzzy little sleepy love bugs that they are before they plump up and begin to be aware of the world!

3-4 Months: Sweet expressions and tiny details highlight this session, be sure to schedule it when your child begins to respond easily to others. Clothing is often cumbersome at this age, and I prefer to wrap the baby in soft fabrics. I love to include moms and dads, so remember to inquire about your clothing.

7-9 Months: When your child is sitting up confidently, he or she will be ready for this session. Remember, each child develops at his own pace, so be sure he is sitting on his own and reaching for things! Christening gowns or simple pastel outfits are popular clothing choices.

12-14 Months: Plan to do this last session when your child is standing alone. but before she is running full tilt! Fully independent and loaded with energy, personalities are revealed at this age. Consider a family portrait at this session.

NorthLight Photography by Janet Boschker ~ 704-567-0775 ~ janet@northlightphotography.com ~@jbnlight ~ Charlotte