Family Photography | Newborn, Mom and Dad

Family Photography | Newborn, Mom and Dad

Family Photo: Newborn, Mother and Dad

Welcoming your first child into your world is so special and a great time to begin recording your family history with photographs. Everyday snapshots are wonderful, and we all have them, love them, take them. Professional photography is for the special times of your life, the arrival of a first baby, and each one that comes along after is the perfect time to celebrate the changes that occur in every family.

I love to capture the emotion and joy that each child brings with photography.

It has especially been rewarding over the years to follow the circle of life that happens as children grow up, start school, finish college, get the first job, marry, and start a family of their own. I am so fortunate to be able to do this for my clients over the last 30+ years!

My absolute favorite thing is the arrival of each baby - they are wonderful, sweet, and cuddly little beings that are so little for such a short time - I hope to be able to capture that time for your family along with the milestones that we all experience along the way.

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