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Classic Portrait Painting Boy

As an art major, my first love was oil painting in a realistic style. My ambition was to become a portrait artist. I painted a portrait of my daughter at 6 years old and was satisfied with the resulting painting except for her mouth – something about it was not quite right. I was frustrated. How could I satisfy a client if I could not satisfy myself?

Many of my clients that had their children’s portraits painted confided that they did not think the paintings looked like their child. Even though the paintings were beautiful, and in time they accepted the artist’s interpretation, they never forgot the disappointment they felt about the lack of accuracy.

Digital photography and painting has eliminated that! Your child’s features and expression are pulled directly from the photograph, rendering a perfect likeness. My artistic skills are then free to interpret the surroundings in a painterly way. I have been painting portraits with this technique for 10 years and the process is amazingly accurate. I feel confident that every one of your child’s features will be true to life.

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What is the Process to Create a Painted Portrait?

My process begins with a consultation, either by phone or in person. During this conversation we will discuss your child’s personality, clothing options, the general feeling of the portrait and the location of the initial photography session.

The photography session is scheduled, an hour is normally sufficient. I prefer to work in the early morning or late afternoon when the sun is low and the light is soft and flattering. A week or so later a viewing appointment is scheduled at the studio to make choices for the final painting.

Once your final choice is made, I will work on the painting until I feel satisfied with the direction it is taking and you will come in to approve it. At this time we will talk about any changes you feel might be needed. I think of this entire process as a collaboration between us to come to a final painting that you will love.

How Large Should a Classic Painting Be?

Finished size is often dictated by the type of painting you are interested in – head and shoulders portraits tend to be smaller (16x20 and under), while ¾ views generally are 20x24 - 24x30, and full length paintings can be even larger still.

The location where the painting is to be displayed in your home also comes into play when deciding on the size. You may have a nook or space in your home that you want to hang a portrait and we can work together to create a custom sized piece for it.

How Long Does This Process Take?

As with everything handcrafted, quality takes time. Depending on your schedule and mine, it could take 4 - 6 months or it could take a bit longer. Sometimes I have to just sit with it a bit to discover what finishing touches are needed. The most important thing when making an investment in a painting is to be sure it is right and I will promise you that it will be right.

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