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Bald Head Island: Family of 4 With Dog Portrait

This casual family portrait on the beach always reminds me that weather on the coast is unpredictable and changes quickly - but if you keep the faith, rewards will come. I met the clients at the dock in Southport and loaded my equipment onto the boat. It was small skiff that now held mom & dad, two teenagers, the family dog, myself and my assistant. As we started to cross the channel, "Old Baldy" was in our sights. Suddenly, as we made our way to the island, a storm blew up - I was reminded of the movie "A Perfect Storm". This was not a comforting thought I had! The lighthouse on Bald Head Island was obscured by clouds and a torrent of rain came at us sideways as my clients reassured me that It would blow over. We somehow weathered the downpour and arrived safely, got into their golf cart which was hermetically sealed against the wind and rain and began the journey on land to the beach house. "It will blow over!" they cheerfully repeated. I had my doubts. Miraculously, as we arrived at their beachfront home, the clouds parted and the sky began to clear, but we were all hopelessly drenched. Dad asked "What do I need to do to make this photograph happen?" I said, "Everyone needs to be dry, dressed and on the beach in 20 minutes or less, sunset is approaching". To my surprise, he made it happen! The reward: a gorgeous family portrait on a pristine beach and even the family dog got into the act - although on his own terms : ) A reminder to this beach photographer that inclement weather can result in the most unpredictably beautiful photographs. And nothing is more effective than a dad on a mission.

Location: Bald Head Island, NC.

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